Banyan Tree

By Kate Kelly

Medium: Dry Point etching 1929

Dimensions: 16 1/2" x 20 3/4"

Quote / Inspiration

“A Banyan tree I am, a marvelous one at that. This gigantic form have I taken out of a very tiny seed like an atom’s mighty power.

Grown on the bloody mire of sacrifice and watered by human tears, my branches leap boundaries and extend as my vision goes on.

I am the refuge for birds longing for shade from my ever-green branches and the exquisite taste of my fruit.

Varied indeed are the languages of the varied species of birds of many a hue, but the thought that inspires the song is the same for ever and ever.

I’m the tent, where birds that toil and moil all day revel. On my branches gets inaugurated each season of festivity.

My Veda of eternal relevance is Truth, I preach Love and Peace, the time-tested ideals. (Exhil Vendhan)”