By the Sea Gate

By Steve Paschal

Medium: Painting

Dimensions: 29.5' x 25.5'

Quote / Inspiration

Abbas Effendi’s life is spent in quiet and unassuming work. His general order for the day is prayers and tea at sunrise, and dictating letters or “Tablets,” receiving visitors, and giving alms to the poor until dinner in the middle of the day. After this meal he takes a half-hour’s siesta, spends the afternoon in making visits to the sick and others whom he has occasion to see about the city, and the evening in talking to the believers or in expounding, to any who wish to hear him, the Koran, on which, even among Moslems, he is reputed to be one of the highest authorities, learned men of that faith frequently coming from great distances to consult him with regard to its interpretation.


Early 1900s Akka